The “Nurtured Heart Approach” to Parenting

Enhance the relationships with your children and enjoy a deeper and healthier connection.

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Join a community of like minded parents, caregivers and ask questions, share ideas, insights, wins with each other. Aligning with like minded people can help enhance and develop your family's journey. By joining our community, you will be able to relate to parents dealing with similar circumstances and hence foster better relationships together. Lastly, you can reach our team online for personal consultations and advice.

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Access a range of practical learning modules that help you understand your relationships in depth. 

Through this, parents can also access tailored solutions from our Parenting Strategist & Health and Wellness Experts.

Confidence and Stability

Through taking part in our online learning modules, parents will reap the benefits of our core strategy. Benefits include an increase in confidence levels, more open communication, better relationships and  enjoying a loving and connected family life.

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Our Aim is to Build Stronger Family Relationships

Enhancing the lives of parents, caregivers, children and families is at the core of our strategy. With the numerous years of research and the multiple practical techniques our parenting strategist has developed a holistic and easy solution for families who can improve their relationships with their children

Lillian is passionate about bringing value to families, and facilitating healing within complex family issues. She is dedicated to improving these situations with the help from her team so you can enjoy a healthier and stable family life.

Alongside the strategy are our brand values of connection, communication and guidance. Lillian stands behind these values as they facilitate her mission to improve the relationships of parents and their children to build more connected families.

She has the ability to develop clear communication between parents and children, the empathy and experience to give practical strategies to parents and the patience to help guide you through your journey. These are just some of the reasons why she is a thought leader within the parenting space. 

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meet our team

Lillian is a published author and a professional Parenting Strategist. Her purpose is to guide parents to have happier and healthier relationships with their children. 

She is an Advanced Trainer in the ‘Nurtured Heart Approach’, which is an effective communication and relationship strategy. The approach is centred around fostering deeper relationships with your children.

Over the last 20 years she has been featured in numerous TV , radio and podcast shows to spread her methodology. She has also conducted hundreds of seminars, courses and workshops.

Her mission is to add value to parents lives through building stronger family foundations, enhancing communication and developing relationships. Alongside this she assists adults in nurturing all important relationships through personal consulting.

Lillian Reekie

parenting strategist

Nathan is an Australian qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist with over a decade of clinical experience at Beyond Good Health Medical clinic.

Trained and mentored by a Holistic Medical doctor to expand his treatment skills. He has an extensive knowledge of nutritional and naturopathic medicines, as well as a holistic approach to treatments.

Special areas of interest include extracellular matrix detoxification, getting you toxic free (both in body and environment) hormonal weight loss, stress toxins, sleep, emotional health & wellness and children’s health and wellness.

Nathan Davis





Check Out What Parents say About Us

The biggest things we have learnt, have been learning about ourselves to help change ourselves to then help change our parenting in a positive way and to benefit ourselves as well.

We have learnt so much about building relationships and communicating with our children in a more positive way.”



"My experience with the 'Nurture Your Heart To Greatness' course was absolutely heart opening, and I highly recommend this to everyone.


After learning this approach and sharing it with my kids, I am so grateful to have found something that really works, feels authentic and from the heart. It's beneficial for more energised, sometimes traumatised children who really struggle to feel loved and connected.


I struggled to support their needs in a positive and fulfilling way, and after many years of trying different things, it's  clear that NHA is the foundation for really connecting with your kids."



"I’m addicted to the courses, having now completed 3 of them. Not only have they helped with my relationship with my adult children, my three grandsons, my husband and my mum. I have also evolved into healthier version of myself.

I love how the Nurtured Heart community is bringing together like minded people. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with all the beautiful participants on our weekly call

I would like to acknowledge that the Nurtured Heart work is building healthier families. I’m forever grateful for the journey."