Building Better Relationships 

Parenting can be difficult, which is why the parent support network is here to help. Learn how to improve the relationships with your children and reap the benefits of providing a happy and healthy family. 

how we build stronger relationships

Do you struggle to connect with your child in a meaningful way?

With the help from the Parenting Strategist, communication, emotional stability and improved mental health are all possible. Lillian will guide you through every step of your journey to ensure that you reach a deeper and healthier connection with your child. The parent support network has been helping parents reclaim their relationships with their children for over 20 years.

Improve Communication

By using the techniques and following the learning modules, you will experience clearer communication with your child.

Develop Deeper Connections

Parents can experience a deeper connection with their child. As they begin to understand their child's needs in a more profound manner. 

Happy, Healthy Home

The impact of having a healthier home extends beyond the family home. Parents become more stable, more confident and self-aware. This will become apparent in all parts of your life.

Who is the Parenting Strategist Lillian Reekie?

I am first and foremost a Mum with decades of experience and earned what I like to call a degree in TTP (Tried and Tested Parenting).

Being a Mum of a now adult son who was diagnosed in preschool (on the left) with ADHD, ODD and Childhood Depression I have many years of experience and now specialise in helping other parents and caregivers of children who are neurodiverse or who may have special needs.

I teach all caregivers, parents and educators to develop positive and heart centred relationships and to help nurture, grow emotional stability and social connection with their children. As Parents of special needs and all children, growing, maintaining positive and healthy relationships throughout childhood and into adulthood is imperative.

Helpful Parenting Resources

The Revolting Child

  • Learn behaviour management strategies to help you confront difficult situations without medication.
  • Improve the health and wellness of you and your child through every step of your journey.
  • Read about the benefits from parents that have successfully used the techniques.
  • Begin your healing journey and find out what the value the techniques can bring to your family.

If You Want Kids To Co-operate

  •  36 Practical and effective parenting tips that will assist you in parenting in a positive and uplifting way.
  • Valuable information about children, their health and the role of parenting today
  • Includes an informative chapter form a Naturopath expert to help you get the information you need in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Hidden Dangers

  • Foods to avoid and the benefits of switching to organic produce.
  • Personal and household products that negatively impact your health and wellbeing.
  • The importance of positive self image and how much it impacts our life.
  • Detailed guide on food additive numbers and codes, and its link to health related complications such as Asthma, Hyperactivity and Cancer.

The Best Me I Can Be

  • Learn how to foster positive self esteem with your child (Aimed at children from 6-15 yrs).
  • Complete alphabetical guide, covering topics such as Attitude, Being Positive, Challenges and much more. 
  • Activities and worksheets are included to help you get started and improve your child's emotional and psychological development.

The Best Parent I Can Be

  • Founded on the principles of the Law of Attraction, alongside effective parenting techniques to help you become a more understanding and effective parent.
  • A range of fun and practical activities are included so you can begin applying the techniques with you child immediately.
  • All of the content and activities discussed in the book can be found on the 12 Week Parenting Course.
  • Includes a chapter with advice from a practicing  Naturopath in improving your diet and overall health.

The Best Teacher I Can Be

  • Designed for Teachers and Caregivers alike, to improve their relationships with their students and children.
  • 20 Practical and useful tips included to help you manage the relationships with your children without medication. 
  • Develop your core strengths as a Teacher and Caregiver to provide the most value for your children and students so they can become empowered with the right knowledge.

why we do it

We Want To Share Our Proven Methods

Lillian has consistently encountered parents who have been frustrated and felt like there was no hope. For the last 20+ years she have been developing this highly effective approach to parenting and counselling numerous parents, so they can continue their fulfilling journey of parenthood. Her passion is to bring value to parents and provide practical solutions to solve the issues within their relationships.

We Want to Empower Parents

Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. However, it can sometimes seem that the negative experiences and lack of guidance can leave parents feeling lost. Having a Parenting Strategist, gives you the confidence to begin rebuilding your relationship with your child and improve their wellbeing in the process. The parent support network runs frequent Masterclasses to introduce parents to the learning content and discuss their needs. If you want to explore more content around how this is possible, feel free to check out some extra video resources


Parent Experiences





The Nurtured Heart Approach is an amazing program that makes so much sense! Its what we all know to be true and how we all want to be, but Lillian gives strategies and techniques to use every day that make natural parenting work easily and effortlessly. The kids love it and respond immediately to this style of parenting.



Lillian is an exceptional teacher, and I'm grateful to have learnt from her. Her passion for the Nurtured Heart Approach, love for people, gifted teaching style, life experience and her dedication, combined to make participating in her courses, a very enriching experience. Lillian teaches the fundamental concepts and then uses the discussion to teach further using the successes shared by the participants, for personal guidance."

 The Revolting Child

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