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The team at the Parent Support Network is always here to help. Reach us anytime from the following options below and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Can I learn at my own pace?

We have a specially designed course (The Best Parent I Can Be Course) that will allow you to learn at your own pace. All the content is pre recorded so you can plug in and learn from where ever you feel most comfortable.

Are there any payment plans?

We have multiple payment plans available so you don't have to stress about finances and can get back to focusing on the important tasks, your family. 

Can I contact my tutor directly?

Lillian the Parenting expert, is always available through email or telephone. If you have any specific questions or you would like to have a private conversation, Lillian is always available to help.

How many hours a week to I need to set aside?

All the courses are designed to give you flexibility so you can learn the content and still have time to practice the techniques in your own time. They consist of 1 hour workshops and 1 hour activities per week.

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