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Find out more about the Nurtured Heart Approach to parenting with multiple course offerings from Lillian Reekie, the Parenting Strategist.

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The biggest thing we have learnt, have been learning about ourselves. We have learnt so much about building relationships and communicating with our children in a more positive way.”



"My experience with the 'Nurture Your Heart To Greatness' course was absolutely heart opening, and I highly recommend this to everyone. After learning this approach and sharing it with my kids, I am so grateful to have found something that really works. 



"I’m addicted to the courses, having now completed 3 of them. Not only have they helped with my relationship with my adult children, my three grandsons, my husband and my mum. I have also evolved into healthier version of myself. I love how the Nurtured Heart community is bringing together like minded people.



Course Benefits

Access an online community

Our courses provide an opportunity to connect with like minded parents.

Practical Solutions

The parenting strategist is an expert in her field with over 20+ years experience in helping parents reconnect with their children. 

Learn at Your Pace

Our online courses allow you to learn at your pace and most importantly, provides you with a chance to use the strategies in your own life.