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Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out?

Are you fed up with the stress, chaos, overwhelm & the lack of much needed support in your parenting & family relationships?

Are your kids perhaps not listening, being disrespectful, uncooperative, or not following family rules?

Do you crave more peace, calm, connection & cooperation for everyone in the home?

If “YES”, I get it. I’ve been there and understand your struggles & what it feels like to feel alone and at your wits end!

Thankfully your friend has referred you here, as they know it is my absolute love & passion to assist families who want to improve their relationships with their children & other family members.

It might even be a need to improve your relationship with ‘YOU’ that is needed & let’s face it that’s where we all need to start!

You may also be thinking “Well things aren’t THAT BAD! Perhaps you’d just like to improve relationships that are ‘GOOD’ to ‘AMAZING’!

Whatever your reason is for trusting your friend and checking this out we are SO glad you are here.

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Our FREE ebook has a recommended retail price of $14.95 and we want to give you this information for FREE. Our aim is to help you get started on your parenting journey. 

Advice Based on Real Life Events

The "Revolting Child a Blessing in Disguise" e-book explains real life events of the hardships and struggles of parenting. Throughout the book you will learn how to handle difficult situations and how to change your parenting strategy. 

Digestible Content

The book is written in an easy and digestible way, with stories that provide examples of this families journey and the difficult circumstances they had to endure. Throughout reading the content you may very well relate to their story and will begin to gain an understanding ‘why’ the Parenting Strategist is so passionate about assisting other families just like yours..

Masterclass Recording

We hold frequent Parenting Masterclasses to engage with the parenting community and exchange ideas with like minded people. If you prefer digesting content in video format this easy to follow recording will give you the steps you need to get started!

1 Hour Free Recording

Access a 1 hour recording featuring 25 years of Experience as a Parenting Strategist and over 36 years as a Parent! 

Watch at your own Time

The recording allows you to pause and play as you wish so you can begin grasping the content. 

The Parent Support Network

Operating for 20+ years, we share the reasons for our success and how we provide parents with added value.

Great Way to Start

If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to begin this is a great way to ease yourself into the Parent Support Network.

Book Summary

The summary chapter ‘The Revolting Child Revisited’, will give you insight into the methods and techniques used to create healthier relationships with your children. The chapter summary will focus on key aspects of the book to provide you with the most direct and easy to follow guide on how you can improve your relationships.

Informative Guide

The chapter will be an informative guide to help you get started with key terminology and techniques.

Practical Exercises

Throughout the chapter the Parenting Strategist will provide you with opportunities to understand their family's journey and practice some of the techniques outlined in the chapter.

Easy to Read 

The information is diluted with lots of fun and interesting examples made to keep you engaged with the concepts.

Practical Information

A lot of the concepts explained in the chapter are based on theory, however, they are all tried and tested by the Parenting Strategist herself.


I'm  Lillian Reekie (Parenting Strategist)

Lillian has consistently encountered parents who have been frustrated and felt like there was no hope. For the last 20+ years she has been developing highly effective techniques for parenting and counselling. Her passion is to bring value to parents and provide practical solutions to solve the issues within their relationships and create healthier bonds between parent and their children.


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The biggest things we have learnt, have been learning about ourselves to help change ourselves to then help change our parenting in a positive way and to benefit ourselves as well.

We have learnt so much about building relationships and communicating with our children in a more positive way.”



"My experience with the 'Nurture Your Heart To Greatness' course was absolutely heart opening, and I highly recommend this to everyone.


I'm so grateful to have found something that really works. It's beneficial for more energised, sometimes traumatised children who really struggle to feel loved and connected. After many years of trying different things, it's  clear that NHA is the foundation for really connecting with your kids."



"I’m addicted to the courses, having now completed 3 of them. Not only have they helped with my relationship with my adult children, my three grandsons, my husband and my mum. I have also evolved into healthier version of myself.

I love how the Nurtured Heart community is bringing together like minded people. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with all the beautiful participants on our weekly call. I’m forever grateful for the journey."