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The Parenting Class Covers How to Positively Parent Neuro-Diverse or Intense Children to Improve Behaviour & Strengthen Connections!

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"We have learnt so much from the Parent Support Network, about building relationships and communicating with our children in a more positive way."



"My experience with the 'Nurture Your Heart To Greatness' course was absolutely heart opening, and I highly recommend this to everyone."

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father sitting with his child

The Importance of a Father’s Presence?

Common Alphabet Disorders on the Rise Back when our youngest son was in preschool and diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and Childhood Depression it was a real struggle for his dad and I to handle at the time. I was a teacher and had gone back to part-time teaching and full time Mum of two

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Parenting Guide | How to get your child to cooperate?

Overview Typically when it comes to parenting, we all want our children to behave. We want to instil them with good values and create functional and competent adults. When it comes to shaping behaviour and curtailing problem behaviour it's an instinct to shout or give a stern look to force cooperation from your child.

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Are You Parenting Upside Down?

Overview As Parents, we all want the best for our children. We all want great relationships, cooperation, and mutual respect, Right? In this article we provide practical parenting advice which will change the way you look at how to parent. We cover a simple and effective technique to use that will transform your child's

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