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Water Filters

Welcome to our selection of prefilters, made using high end materials designed for the best filtration, and at an economical price. They are hand crafted and designed by a Naturopath who has done the research and has an in-depth passion to bring an affordable yet highly effective pre filter set to as many families as possible. Click each product link to find out more.

The filters include the following;

KDF Media

Filter Life: Increases the carbon filter life by 30% and reduces scale build up.

Microorganism Control: controls the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi while carbon alone does not.

Converts harmful contaminants into harmless substances rather than just filtering them compared to carbon.

Contaminant Removal: Removes inorganic contaminants like heavy metals while the carbon filter removes organic contaminants like chlorine.

When they are used together, they remove both inorganic and organic contaminants.

Fluoride Removal

A dedicated filter cartridge is specifically required just for removing fluoride. Most cartridges use alumina (aluminium oxide) which only can last 2000L per 10×2.5” cartridge. In our filters we have opted for a new proprietary blend that is not based on alumina and can filter 6000L.

This filter goes after the combination prefilter. Together they are a great first step in filtering your water. Next step is to bring the water back to life and full of redox molecules via a Kangen Ionizer.

Catalytic Activated Carbon

Compared to coconut carbon it has the following benefits;

Higher capacity for chlorine reduction / removal

Better reduction of THMs, VOCs and Chloramines

Better reduction of Hydrogen Sulphide.

Additional of minerals

There have been no minerals removed using this filter setup, however adding Magnesium Prill can further help mineralise the body. The magnesium may assist in precipitating the heavy metals via ion exchange and improve alkalinity making the pH more stable. It may also provide additional benefits with ORP that may be of further benefit for you and if have a Kangen or other ionizer it may help produce a healthier water. Check app for further information.

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